Watch Marianne from The Allied Trades Assistance Program demonstrate the challenge:

*Use safety when spinning. Be sure to have friends spot you.*

Tag your video on social media! #uturn4change #uturnchallenge #ATAPchallenge #endstigma #imturningfor

How to take the UTURN4CHANGE Challenge:

 “Hello My name is______ and I was nominated by______ to take the UTURN4CHANGE Challenge. I am Turning for______ to change the stigma against addiction. Now I would like to challenge 4 people to take the challenge or donate for awareness.”


Nominate your friends to complete the challenge and/or donate within 24 hours. Make sure to post and share your video on social media and hashtag it: 

#uturn4change #uturnchallenge #ATAPchallenge #endstigma #imturningfor #SubstanceAbuseAwareness

30 Seconds

Complete the challenge in 30 seconds, begin the clock once you start turning. The goal is to turn 12 times and see how many times you can flip a water bottle to a stand-up position within the 30 second time limit.


Hello My name is__________________.


I was nominated by __________________ to take the UTURN4CHANGE Challenge.


I am Turning for __________________ to change the stigma against addiction.


“I’m turning for my husband Charlie”

“I’m turning for substance abuse awareness”

“I’m turning for my mommy and my daddy because I want them to get better”

 “I’m turning for my cousin who is currently struggling with addiction”

“I’m turning to change the stigma”


Now I would like to challenge 4 people to take the challenge or donate for awareness.

Challenge your friends, family, peers, coworkers, organizations, schools, teams, celebrities, etc. 

Eyes Closed

Keep your eyes closed while turning.

Head down

Keep your head down while turning.

12 Turns

Turn around 12 times – try to count out loud!

Make sure you have friends spotting you for safety.

Bottle Flip

Try to flip a water bottle 1/3 of the way full.


If you wish to donate “change” instead of turning for change click here DONATE for a list of local or national substance abuse foundations specifically chosen for this challenge. Make sure to make a video if you are donating and challenge 4 people!


** Complete the challenge within 24 hours **